Thursday, February 26, 2009

45 things about me

1. I'm the eldest and the one who will help my family someday.

2. I'm an IT student of USC-TC, wishing to become genius programmer in the future.

3. I was a valedictorian graduate of Tabok II Elem. School. That made my parents so proud of me and I considered it as their achievement not mine.

4. I'm not gifted with a good voice and not very good at dancing which is sometimes the cause of myself discouragement.

5. I used to vomit when I was a child.

6. I don't barely wear rubber shoes.

7. I always wear socks in school.

8. My world revolves around Mr. Ronald Randy Bate.

9. I went to Bohol when I was a kid and I did not remember so much about it.

10. I went to Leyte more than 5 times.

11. The last time I went to Leyte was when I was a sophomore and its my 1st time every in history to ride a boat back home in Cebu all by myself. It was fun yet boring.

12. I went to Bais City Negros Occidental for a school competition.

13. The cellphone that was given by my mama was snatched just last year. So careless.... too bad!

14. My assets I guess were my eyes and my eye brows.

15. I'm a wanna be blogger and since I'm into blogging, it became my hobby.

16. I have two birthmarks on my body.

17. I never failed in any subjects all my life.

18. I was born 7 days before Christmas.

19. I took a bath on a spring in Tuburan, my boyfriends hometown. It was unforgettable and very memorable.

20. I drove a bike before, but I don't know if I still can drive now.

21. I have 33 moles on my body.(woohhh its too much) 1/4 are on my face and I hate it :]

22. I tried to rode on a patrol car when my phone was snatched.

23. I kept changing cellphones because of carelessness, if not broken, it was destroyed or snatched. And end up with no phone at all.

24. Love Letters are my collection which my boyfriend has given to me. These are my treasure.

25. I eat rice 3 times daily and I can't live without it.

26. I hate being compare to my cousin or to anybody. I believe I'm unique in my own way.

27. My favorite teacher way back elementary was Ms. Arias. I had one hour tutor session with her every after class in my house, that made me closed to her.

28. I loved Math more than English.

29. I don't feel wearing mini shorts and skirts probably because I hated my thighs ever.

30. I relaxed my hair more than 3 times and had it curled once.

31. I drink coffee every morning and that's a bad habit though I don't drink to much.

32. I want people to call me JES or Lyn or Jeslyn, not on my family name.

33. I'm thin but I considered myself as sexy.

34. I'm fun of painting my nails.

35. I spent huge amount of time on internet, chatting with friends and love ones.

36. I was a Journalist of the year 2003 when I was in fifth grade.

37. And became the Girl scout of the year 2004.

38. Gwapa daw ingon akong uyab, (boooolaahh)

39. I always bring mirror with me.

40. It took time for me to decide what to buy and sometimes I cannot buy at all.

41. I listen to any genre.

42. I use bag always wherever I go. I love bags!

43. I eat squash more than any other veges.

44. I bring rice with me in school always since High-school until now. That's my way of saving.

45. Photography is my hobby.


  1. mag wear d-i ta ug shocks ani?? dli ni medyas??

  2. :D keep it up!

    Birth mark mn to xa dli mn to scar!

  3. i guess u eat rice 5 times mn cguro :)

  4. i think u also drink coffe in the afternoon :)


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