Monday, March 2, 2009

Outreach Program

My group mates together with Emily and her 2 sons.

Yesterday, 1st of March, was our schedule for the outreach program. We were told to get to know other person's lives and to be acquainted with them and be with them, sharing and taking even just for a while. This serves as our final exam and we where graded according to what we have done and what we had experienced by the encounter of course through our reflections and our final paper.

We agreed that we will focus on street children. One of my group mate knows a child around the streets in the main campus of USC, he should supposed to be our interviewee. But he insisted because probably he was ashamed and he even said that he will 1st took a bath for a while but he did not came back.

So the group had no choice but to look for another than just wait and waste all the time on waiting for a person who is not coming anyway. We walked a distance and look for children. After awhile of walking, finally we found one. This little boy was sitting on a side walk just near a store. We talked a while and the father came and we asked him if we could have an interview session with him. He also insisted but he called his wife named Emily, holding a 5 month old baby boy and have his wife interviewed instead of him.

While the interview went on just like a question and answer portion, we had a sharing of food which we bought burger and drinks just before we came over to the place. Emily was a mother of 6 and a sidewalk vendor for almost 14 years but her province was in Manbaling Cebu. After the interview, we gave our gifts of joy, these includes clothing, can goods and noodles. We saw joy on Emily's face and hope.

It was a nice encounter with them. I have this feeling of self contentment and joy and I feel so lucky after the activity. We should never ask to much and just like what our teacher said "that we should live simple so that others will simply live".

I had fun taking random photos and stolen shoots. For more of our pictures, access my facebook account....


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