Thursday, February 26, 2009


Rehas was a Tagalog word which means jail. It showed captives lives in three different scenes by the USC theaters guild. That being kept in custody is like deprived of liberty and struggling for freedom and the truth.

It portraits the vital rule of most Filipino was facing nowadays. That poverty was the main issue and people especially poor people who were victims. It showed harsh reality of inequality between rich and poor and on how they dealt about it. Not all prisoners were guilty and that just showed how injustices work especial to those less fortunate. And for those who were convicted as guilty, remember that behind the dark clouds is the sun still shinning. Just trust and believed and strengthen your faith to God.

It was about finding once self and finding God in our lives. It's a matter of choice which path you would want to be in the future and to be aware of your actions and decisions for it might be the reason of a miserable life you would regret in the end. Everything has its limitation and we should be responsible for our action and used our freedom for good and in good only.

The message of the play was that we all were prisoners in our own personality and to others. Our actions must be in accordance to our well and to God to see the world in certain way, to make certain moves and certain choices.

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