Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ree Ann's Debut

February 24 was Ate Ree Ann's big day. Her 18th birthday and was held at Sea Front Lilo-an. I seldom used to call her ate Ann for I though we just age level though shes 10 month older, for me it does not count. But the rest of the Spicy girls (char!) Gay, Joy and Marian call her Ate.
The guy beside her, Ching-Ching, was the reason, one of the reason behind the sparks in her eyes and made her day complete.
This was our present for her. It did not cost that much but in came from the heart and that only made it special. And I'm proud to say that I made the letter and I was very touch when she read it with tears of joy.
Ree-Ann blowing her candle (hmmm its just a lighter) ekekekek. Nobody bought a candle so we made used of our initiatives. It worked!

Though I came late for some reasons, I could say that everyone enjoyed as much as the debutante did. From those photos taken using my camera, I saw smiles and excitement and fun among those who came and joined the celebration with our dear ate Ree Ann. Indeed they're having some great time.

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