Sunday, August 28, 2011


As what I have noticed.... Fire was so dominant and strong than ice that night. I didn't make a mistake when I decided to wear a red cocktail dress on the party. And right now I love red and everything about it.

My Fire Attire

With my friends...

...more with my girl friends!

With some boy friends...

The girl in red cocktail dress on the first pic and the one in red and white stripes was the same person and that was me..Yes, meee. I have to change on my way home because I have to go to a fiesta at my boyfriend's house. I can't afford to wear the same thing because they might think I'm over dress for the occasion and so I changed.

On my way home... I was holding my pictures I bought from the photographer and sad to say, with so much carelessness on me that night, I left the photos somewhere on the bench when I changed my shoes. Who ever saw it please if you know me on the picture kindly return it. Thank you.

At the fiesta.....

With my boyfriend's sisters and their girlfriends.

I am so in love with this guy... haha

It was such a very long Saturday night and everything went so well than I expected. Thank you thank you to my friends and my boyfriend for making it all possible.


This was my costume for our acquaintance party yesterday, a red cocktail dress and white heels. (I just feel so damn hoooot haha) I can't help making this post, my very first outfit pictorial just for but I will still be making a separate post about the acquaintance party and all the things happened that night. Right now I'm waiting for my friends to upload our pictures and grab whatever I like. And before I go... I would like to thank my mom for taking all these photos. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011


As I woke up early this morning, I was emotional about the question that keeps on running and pondering on my mind all night long after reading the book from Nicholas Sparks, "The Choice". The question goes like this: How far should you go in the name of true love? It was easy for me to answer that I will go no matter what it takes but the truth is it's your choice how you handle it, I think that was what the title itself all about... the choice. Funny how I am being so emotional about this book but Sparks really did an excellent job on making his reader left with teary eyes after reading his books. He is now one of my favorite storyteller ever. :)

So much for that... I am suppose to get ready of my stuffs for this long night tonight. I have to paint my nails red, blonde my hair, get my stuffs ready and so on... but I feel so like I don't wanna do anything. I think I could do everything later regarding the fact that I also have to meet my best girls after lunch which is I think I only have so little time but I don't care I know I can handle it anyway.

Ohh I think I am talking so far away from the title... what I really wanted you all to know is what had happened last Tuesday. We went swimming with my girlfriends and met some other girls and their girlfriends as well. I have to admit that my social life was kinda a little poor, well if you know me, I was a kind of a private person you know but last Tuesday it amazed me how I got to know others and it was a nice feeling haha that's all.

Here are some of our pics at the beach using my BlackBerry phone... more to come when our official photographer (our new friend) will upload all the photos from her camera. That was all the camera we had so we will all be looking forward to that wondering how long will it takes her to upload it? I do not know... I will wait though.

Today's weather forecast was amazingly great, not so hot but not even cloudy, the wind blows so hard and it was like a breath of fresh air. haha With the weather like this, all I wanted to do is to be on the beach... I know I can't. But I am praying and hoping that it wont rain or else it will ruin everything.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Early Sunday morning, as I promised to my little sister that we will have a walk with our new doggy together with my boyfriend. Of course as her big sister with words I made sure that everything will go on with the plan, and so we did. We had a long walk with Brandy at Pahara, a place under the Marcelo Fernan Bridge in Cebu. Thanks to my very supportive father for joining with us and giving us the ride going home.

These are some pictures of our first walk with Brandy:

One thing for sure... this would not be the last....

Thursday, August 18, 2011


What is more adorable than having a puppy for the first time in our family history? Yes, you read it right, its our first every doggy in the house and everything will be history. Well, its all because and thanks to my dearest boyfriend for giving me this wonderful gift I can't resist. haha

Her name ever since was Brandy. I didn't know exactly the reason but I just made my own assumptions why its called Brandy, that it is named after my boyfriend's second real name which is Randy and just added B. Sounds like a drink's name huh but I don't care.

Pictures of me and Brandy:

The first two weeks of Brandy's stay was a total roller coaster or shall I say disaster not just to me but to everyone in the family most especially to my grandmother who stays in the house most of the time. She poo here, poo there and pee here, pee there... It was like there was no day in a week I cannot smell Brandy's poo and go after with rags for her pee. Gosh can you image how disgusting it was? But right now we came to learn how to handle Brandy and we love her unconditionally and she was like the youngest in the family...

Friday, August 12, 2011


It all started when I ask my boyfriend's sisters if they happen to have a red tube, then all of the sudden they started bringing down dresses from their wardrobe and I started fitting them one by one at a time. And while choosing which is which I am going to wear for my upcoming acquaintance party next week, their mom on the other hand showed some of her vintage clothes which were never used and folded for years.

All I can say is that this neon orange Peter Pan collar dress is amazing. I can image how fabulous and stunning their mom was when she wore this dress on her wedding day. Indeed it has a sentimental value that she can't throw away. But see.. it fits to me like it is meant for me. haha

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am wearing a jacket as skirt which I learned from everybody is article.

We had an impromptu eating and mall hopping for awhile then watching movie with my college friends namely Ree Ann (though we see each other every MWF) and Marian (long time no see this girl ha).

Honestly I was wearing a denim shorts and slippers since we're just hanging around near my house and I decided to have with me this lovely and awesome jacket which I usually bring in school or anywhere I go. It is a kind of jacket you can wear during rainy days when you feel cold and sunny days without feeling hot.

Actually, I feel a little bit cold at the mall so I used the idea from chictopia article which really helped, a top as a skirt and its pretty cool.

The red striped sleeveless is my most treasured top in my closet at this particular moment, well it happened to change as often as I change my underwear though. haha

And by the way the red shoes still has the price tag and it was weird taking this photo while making sure no one from the department store saw us. We were good at it anyway, going to the store and took pictures without letting the sales knew about it. I know its a bad habit but leave it, we can't afford all of them so all we can have are just pictures. I can't believe I'm telling you this, but... Please don't tell anyone! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today is absolutely a boring day and while waiting for my last exam in Adobe Illustrator, I made used of my time to explore AI. I don't really feel any pressure at all about this coming exam unlike other subjects. Actually I love this subject and designing vector files ever since I made those tarp designs, I just feel so inspired.

I was wearing my new skirt given by my auntie with my old old navy top that I never use for years. This was taken by my little sister and in return I gave her this lovely top for her effort and because I love her so much.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


These are the 3 birthday layouts I made. The kids love it so much and if only they knew how they make my heart smile for that.

Hope you like it.

You can email me at for inquiries...

Monday, August 8, 2011


Today is my study day meaning I don't have to go to school, rather just stay at home and supposed to study. But because of the lazy song by Bruno Marz, today I don't feel like doing anything. haha

Just kidding. Actually, today I think I made something nice and beautiful for tomorrow. This morning I made a tarpaulin for a wedding anniversary. Nice feeling that I'm no longer a hopeless gaphics artist, I can see bright future ahead. haha



I love both designs but they only need one. So I let my client choose (of course) and her first choice is the first design. I think she has the taste like my boyfriend do. He also picked A over B.

Anyways, the three birthday traps for tomorrow's triple celebration is now with me and as promised, I will be posting it maybe tomorrow night right after the party.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hey this is just another quick post of mine since it is now 2:30 am and I am longing to kiss my bed goodnight. We just finished the birthday tarps designs for the three coming birthday celebrations this August 09, Tuesday. It's suppose to be a surprise gift by me and my mom so I wont going to post the final output not before their birthday of course.

Just to give you idea...
John Augustine's 4th Birthday will be a Spiderman inspired design.
My godchild Beatrice loves Dora so much so I decided to make herself Dora on her 3rd birthday.

The last birthday celebrant is Mari Athena which will turn 1 year old. It is still a surprise but it is not a cartoon character layout though.

I love children's party and I can't wait for Tuesday. Its going to be a triple fun.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Just awhile ago in my Oral Communication Class, we had a 3 minutes speech about our future job and where we can see ourselves two or three years from now. Actually that was our midterm exam and we did our talking at the AVR. I was the second speaker to be exact, thank God not first. I was kinda nervous and forgot some of my lines (well I think most of us did and I think its just normal) but good thing we all able to deliver our speech and I think we deserved a round of applause.

Okay enough with that speaking task. If you would ask me what I want to be in the future if not a successful graphics or web designer or developer, I want to be a dressmaker. Sounds stupid right but I really loved making dresses. If and only I had a sewing machine with me, I probably made plenty of outfits and stuffs.

Here are some of the patterns I liked most and I will be making very soon. haha

Lovely, right? Thanks to for inspiring me to be a fashion designer on my own way. haha I will really love to show you guys my own masterpiece when I have one, for sure I promise.