Monday, February 2, 2009

Too Late as Always

Have you been on a rush, in a hurry or running to catch up for the class? That's exactly my situation every morning. Can you imagine how it would be like? Indeed, its dragging me crazy.

Since previous semester, I'm always the late comer in my REED10 (TTH 7:30-9:00) class. Good thing, the teacher wasn't that strict for as long as you can present a bible. But sad to say, my final grade was only 2.8, I guess. No wonder why, obviously its all because of my tardiness. So from then, I prefer not to have a 7:30 class anymore.

But playing by fate, because of the university's ISIS program that to be transfer to ARES, the enrollment process for the second semester really sucks and a head ache to everybody; here I am going to school every 7:30 not just TTH but as well as MWF.

As always, I'm late again and worst is that mostly I arrived last-minute. Its hard for me to be on time but I always tried.

Anyway, its not their lost at all, its mine.
My point is if others can make it, why can't I?

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