Monday, February 9, 2009

What happened?

Lately I had lost myself in thought and found blogging less interesting. Its been a rugged life I guess. Many had happened, not in my expectations.

My grandfather was hospitalized for 3 days because of his chickenpox that leads to a high fever and complications on his throat since his into smoking plus the allergy on his stomach cause by the undissolved thread during his operation long long ago.

For at the age of 74, I could say that he is a fighter, a survivor. But no worries, his been released just this afternoon though his not so well but he could already manage himself.

And of course heart problems. In my previous post, you can get ideas if your clueless. I don't want to mention about it for everything's pretty OK now.

But anyway, lets not be affected with so much problems and complications around us. God is always good. So lets face the real world and don't lost hope.

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