Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too Young to Forget

Supposed, its my first time ever in history not to be late, but unfortunately as usual late again. I came to school this morning earlier than expected. I arrived before 7:30 in which my 1st class will start.

As I checked on my ID upon entering the gate, I found nothing. Because of having different bags almost every day and because of being careless, my school ID was missing. It was in my other bag, the bag I used the day before.

Actually I tried it once last semester. What I did was I went to the center gate and sign the logbook of violation in my name for not bringing my ID. So I did the same now. But the guard insisted that I should get my ID back home or else I cannot enter in the campus and that didn't make sense at all. He said that there was a new policy just implemented recently after having new sets of guard in different campuses.

I was thinking then if I will go home or not. If I went home, I will miss one subject and the following subject will be affected either, its the middle of the rush hour. I could not think of any idea except for calling home and ask my father to drive it for me in school. Thanks to my dearest father, my savior, for being such a wonderful and understanding father and for the effort of dropping by my ID. "I love you PA!".

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