Saturday, January 31, 2009

Circle of Friends

Here are my Circle of Friends whom I waste I mean share most of my time in school. Namely Ree Ann the dancing queen, Marian the music lover and an EMO girl (for sure she will disagree) peace Iann, Joy the future choir teacher (ekekek) I mean diva, Gaye the youngest who loves both singing and dancing and yours truly Jeslyn the muse (whaaahh).
We were pretty crazy when we hang out. Keep up the bond girls!

We have plenty of friends around us yet few were real true friends. So value your friends as much as I value my circle of friends.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Waiting is the hardest part, would you agree?
But how about if the one you are waiting have no idea and didn't bother to remember you at all.
It hurts, isn't it?

That was actually what had happened to me yesterday. I was waiting for a text message from my boyfriend. Many thoughts and questions went through my head. What was he doing? Why he didn't text me at all? Did he received my texts and calls? Why he didn't bother to reply? If his OK or not?

I was very worried and at the same time confused. Plus the weather which was so hot and the pressure in my IT class. My class has ended yet I don't still got a sign from him. So I decided to go to Mariann's apartment with my other friends.

I believed everything has reasons. And that's what I was looking for, the reason behind everything.

Finally when we reached the apartment I got a text. I was excited and very happy to see his number appeared on my cellphone.

After hearing his side,I was vindicated for the questions that were playing on my mind finally got an answer and the reason everything behind was revealed. Knowing that his also thinking of me despite of his busyness in work and that he didn't notice his cellphone calls and text. And thank God his OK. So no hard feelings at all.

Sent Out

Have you tried being sent out in class? For those who tried somehow can relate to me.

Yes, I was sent out by Sir Lar, our programming master, yesterday for a reason that I forgot to bring my admission slip. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to me this semester.

And to recall, I think its my 3rd time in life I've been sent out. First was when I was in high school and second this previous semester in my Aural Oral class which both I forgot to bring book. And now I just made a grand exit in class where everyone's eyes was on me.

I was not alone, but the only girl, for there were other 4 guys who also failed to present their permit. Together we reprinted new one. We went down using the unknown car who passed by along the AS lobby going to engineering's department where there the teller who printed our permission slip that cost 20 pesos. After we took a little walk going to the parking area and rode a shuttle going back to AS building. It was a waste of money and a waste of time but we how no choice.

The exam lasted for two hours. Unfortunately, we arrived too late than expected and answered the exam in just an hour and a half or less which was our consequence of being to lazy.

The exam wasn't that easy than I thought it would be. Its quit confusing specially the program making part. I just got my answers from no where and I'm not confident about it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surprised Midterm

This morning I was surprised knowing today will be the schedule of our midterm exam in REED 20. Actually it was announced last meeting but I was just to lazy to listen to the teacher. I don't know what I was thinking then.

Supposed to be last week was our midterms week unfortunately our teacher's sister died and her presence was badly needed. Speaking of her sister,together with her father who died also just two months ago, lets all pray for their souls that they may rest in peace with God. Because of her sudden death our teacher took a leave for two weeks. And two weeks was over. Our class resumed last Tuesday. As far as I can remember, we checked our activities which she had given to us and discussed things all about New Testament and the gospel formation. I couldn't recall mentioning about the midterm exam. Anyways even I don't have knowledge about the said exam I still managed to answer the test without having nosebleed.

Its a lesson I've learned today that listening is very important and we should always study with or without exam.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Failed to Pass

I always go to school intact with enough money and food by my parents, in return of course is to study hard. That's the least I could do to pay back the hardships they went through just to send me into a university.

How do you think they will feel one day you went home reaping a vast grade of failures?

I don't really know for I never failed in any subjects all my life so far. Of course I think they well be badly hurt and get mad at me. No parents would celebrate knowing their child was having poor grades in school. Right?

But lately my grades were failing. I just received my paper works in school including my Midterm results. It didn't work well than what I was expecting. Actually I'm very confident even I don't have big grades but at least I will pass every subject I took. But I was absolutely wrong. Even if I don't know yet my Midterm grade I could feel it that I was failing in Calculus which is a 5 units course. I failed all 4 major exams and I don't know how it all happened. Maybe because of the teacher's way of teaching which I don't sometimes understand or the course it self which is confusing. I don't really have idea. Maybe both.

I believe that its not yet too late for everything. All I need is to double my effort and study harder. Hopefully I could cover up for finals.

My Coin Bank

Are you familiar with this picture?
Well, for those who have large amount of knowledge in computers and printers probably know this one.

This doesn't look like a pig anyway, but it is my piggy bank or shall I call it "coin bank". A recycled ink container which was given to me by my boyfriend. This is where I put my extra coins for various causes.

It is a good habit to have since saving money is very important today. Its not ideal to spend a lot and waste money for nothing. News papers, TV's and internet are all talking about the Global Financial Crisis because of low dollar rate that leads some huge companies to closed and demoted thousands of workers. So its wiser to have savings.

Its always good to have a cash on your own to buy something you really need or want.
Start a good habit while your still young and get a piggy bank right now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh! My English

Actually this is my first time in blogging. Honestly I'm no good in essay writing probably because I don't love my English subject that much, somehow because of the teacher or the subject itself. Not to mention that I'm badly having difficulty in my spelling. I remember way back when I was high school where I got low scores because of simple words misspelled. What a shame!

I don't really know why things went so different during my high school life will in fact it went so good than I thought it would be during my elementary years. I was a feature writer in Filipino since 3rd grade and won some contest which made me popular in school and went different places. Yes Filipino not English which means from then I don't really love English that much( So no wonder why). But then when I study in St. Louis School I started to love English for we were obliged to speak in English all the time inside the campus. We have the so called "English Drive". But most of the time I will sabotage and again one of the reasons why I have low grades in English. Every vernacular word was a demerit. Petty those who were always caught. But its just a matter of hiding or not speaking at all. Finally when I went out of the portals of St. Louis and faced a new environment in San Carlos I just realize the importance of English in our lives. I can just recall my professor once said, "Always bring your English Drive with you" which is so true.

Awhile ago I felt bored and was thinking what to do with my life. Many thoughts in my mind which I think I need to express and that's the reason why I'm into blogging now. Anyways in blogging spelling is optional. Hopefully I could write good compositions and I'm open for corrections if needed to be corrected in my blog.

Love of My Life

The every meaning of my life. Were all inspired by you.
For in my darkest days and my darkest hours, your shining light is always there to brighten up my night.
This is myGAH. The reason behind everything of me. The one who brought color into my world when it used to be black and white. My life's source of strength when i felt like giving up and cheers me up when I'm down, make me smile when I'm sad and badly hurt, always there for me when I'm alone and needed someone to carry on, and always there to make me strong when things went wrong.
This is the love of my life. And my life.