Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Past

I'm a music lover if you don't know but I don't sing. I usually listen to music with meaningful lyrics in times when i felt like giving up, rejected, discourage, hopeless and broken.

While listening to my play list, there's this song that caught my attention and captured my heart. Are you familiar with the song "The Past" by Jed Madela?

I made an effort to copy paste the lyrics of the song so you'll definitely understand what I was taking about. The song itself is self explanatory. I don't wanna go into detail line by line.

I was wrong when i hurt you/ But did you have to hurt me too/ Did you think revenge will make it better?/ I don't care about the past/ I just want our love to last/ There's a way to bring us back together (Chorus:) I must forgive you/ You must forgive me too/ If we wanna try to put things back/ The way they used to be 'cause there's no sense in going over and over/ The same things as before/So let's not bring the past up anymore/ Out of all the good we had/ You only keep track of the bad/ Though you knew i never really loved her/ Didn't anyone tell you yet/ That to forgive is to forget/ How can you be mad if you don't remember (Repeat Chorus)

Basically, from the song you'll have an idea of what I went through right now. Let the song speak it up. That's it.

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