Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Look for Summertime

This is me BEFORE......

This is me NOW!

I'm very proud to let you all know that finally since summer is all around and as expected the weather seems so hot that made me think of having something new about myself, to have a new look means new haircut and new style which also fits to my personality and that is what I owe to myGAH. He made this possible because of his hidden talent in hair cutting and hopefully soon to be a professional barber.

Actually, I just wanted it to be shorten a bit somewhere just a shoulder level hair and a layer layer stuff. But since cutting is not his profession at all, though he has the skills, he made me as an trail and error again. But not bad, I absolutely like the outcome myself.

The nice thing about it is because I feel so comfortable about my new look and feeling so relax for summer even the weather seems so hot but I'm still at ease. And I think my hair style is unique.

Most people around me love my new look as I love it but some critics have some bad opinion about my hair but I don't really mind them at all for I believe that I can carry myself and my hair and that what matters most.

Just like what my barber (myGAH) had told me, "You look Fabulous." that gave me so much confidence all through out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gaye at 17

This is the b-day girl...! Happy b-day GAYE =)

Our b-day surprise to the b-day celebrant. Two cup cakes for the eyes, Lumpya for the nose and Bihon to complete the SMILEY =)

This one is the best... can you read labels>>> Yes! I was there with someone special. He is beside me and that made it the BEST among the rest.

This is so very sweet of ours! I love it... thanks Ian. We owe you this.

This is our yummy dish cooked by my dear Mother.

The SPICE GIRLS on the rock, with the b-day celebrant in the middle. You girls are in wet looks. Be careful, I might get wet too.

I would like to apologize to Gaye and am sorry for not making the B-day card as one of the surprised gift that is expected. Its not that I did not make, I had already the design what I don't have is the paper. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to have the alternative to let it be printed because the day before that day was a busy day. What matters most is the presence and I believe its worth more than just a card.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lola's Big Day

Its my Lola turning 71, her big day today and it deserves a big celebration. It is rewarding to have reached that age, since the generation greatly changed as time passes by, not knowing that mostly people were dying at very early age. Lola was a fighter I should say. Having that age was the best gift I think she every had.

Big does not always mean elegant or not at all grand, sometimes the other way around. My Lola had a wonder time based from the random pictures that captures random moments and the videos, I can say that she was really enjoying the day. And that cannot be brought. Happy B-day Lola!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Todays Carolinian

The - our commitment, your paper is the official student publication of the University of San Carlos. Actually there is no budget for this.

I am part of this history for our class in Sociology has started this by the help of our classmate that has a huge knowledge on programming more than us, freshmen. Our teacher promotes this site to all, not just for Carolinian but also to outsiders by posting all your comments, thoughts, issues, reactions, etc.

Honestly, I'm not fun of forums like this. If not only of the grades, I wont be active in participating this site but I have no choice. Our sir will give no project and no finals if and only we can be able to have 75 up sensible posts in this site. I'm now at my 54 posts and I'm almost there. Woahhhh sayona ra sa grado ani woi... no sweat! no nosebleed!

This site had given me the opportunity of awareness not just in school but as well as around Cebu and worldwide. I was able to express the said objectives of this site, not that I am doing this of the sake of having grade, though yes I wanted to have big grades, but I was doing this for myself. That as a student and being part of this institution, my voice is badly needed be heard.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Summer is Coming

I can sense summer is fast approaching. The week after this week is ganna be an exciting at the same time a pressure one. It is our finals week which after relaxation follows and get rid of all those lectures and stuffs and all we have to do is to have fun. And I can't wait for that to have lots and lots of adventures.

So far, 2nd semester seems so good and no worries about my academic standing for I'm pretty sure that I don't fail any subjects except for my CWTS which sounded so chicken but yes I have a sort of problem not academically but in my attendance. I think I need not worry about it for now for finals is still coming.

Lately I'm into a dilemma, either to study in advance this summer or just to stay at home instead. Of course I don't want it to be wasted. I was planning to look for a summer job at least to earn and at the same time have a experience that I haven't done in the past. But my auntie who was responsible for sending me into college had been offering me the idea of having a summer classes. Will it sounds boring and nothing interesting. Study as always, and I am tired and sick of schooling. I wanted to have a break of everything during summer.

There is no way I will be studying long enough for as long as I did not failed in any subjects, I would not be having a summer classes. But I will be trying finding a best summer job that suits me because I was eager to have income at least even just this summer. I want to explore more this summer from beaches to different places and everywhere to have fun in everything. I want this summer to won the best summer of my life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Logo

I ever really wanted to have my very own LOGO since I'm into photography. Finally, I got one which is designed by beloved graphic artist boyfriend. Lynshock because its a combination of Jeslyn (my name) and Windshock (my BF's codename). Expect to see this in all my posted photos!Thanks sobra sobra myGAH =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Outreach Program

My group mates together with Emily and her 2 sons.

Yesterday, 1st of March, was our schedule for the outreach program. We were told to get to know other person's lives and to be acquainted with them and be with them, sharing and taking even just for a while. This serves as our final exam and we where graded according to what we have done and what we had experienced by the encounter of course through our reflections and our final paper.

We agreed that we will focus on street children. One of my group mate knows a child around the streets in the main campus of USC, he should supposed to be our interviewee. But he insisted because probably he was ashamed and he even said that he will 1st took a bath for a while but he did not came back.

So the group had no choice but to look for another than just wait and waste all the time on waiting for a person who is not coming anyway. We walked a distance and look for children. After awhile of walking, finally we found one. This little boy was sitting on a side walk just near a store. We talked a while and the father came and we asked him if we could have an interview session with him. He also insisted but he called his wife named Emily, holding a 5 month old baby boy and have his wife interviewed instead of him.

While the interview went on just like a question and answer portion, we had a sharing of food which we bought burger and drinks just before we came over to the place. Emily was a mother of 6 and a sidewalk vendor for almost 14 years but her province was in Manbaling Cebu. After the interview, we gave our gifts of joy, these includes clothing, can goods and noodles. We saw joy on Emily's face and hope.

It was a nice encounter with them. I have this feeling of self contentment and joy and I feel so lucky after the activity. We should never ask to much and just like what our teacher said "that we should live simple so that others will simply live".

I had fun taking random photos and stolen shoots. For more of our pictures, access my facebook account....