Thursday, February 12, 2009

POstponed Again!

Things were settled and scheduled already yet you'll just found out later that it's postponed... I hate it!

Once again my major subject teacher postponed our exam last Wednesday and will be held tomorrow. That was exactly the reason why I was sent out for not bringing my permit during midterm. I had a post about it in my previous blog.

Some students, my classmates, were happy for the postponed exam, but not me. If their thinking about relaxation, then its not a good time to relax. I was thinking about pressure and stress for I was completely having difficulty and confused with all those programs which I don't barely understand yet computers do.

I was already prepared for the said exam and yet postponed probably for a very valid reason which is also my concern. And tomorrow is the day, we will have a long quiz. If I was ready and very eager to have the quiz last meeting then there's no reason for me not to make it tomorrow.

What I'm trying to say is that why set a date for something and eventually postponed for a reason?

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