Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day 09

iFinally the day had come. But the weather was no good. Morning was a little bit fine, no rain but no sun at all. It started to raining in the afternoon and been raining all day long. It was more than a blessing if it was.

Despite of the unpredictable weather, I had notice people traveled all over and of course, Lovers were everywhere. Some wore something red and brought their offerings to their loved ones. Others acted nothing like it was just an ordinary day, but not me. I had been looking for that day to come.

If you will ask me how my Valentines Day was, then I don't have a word to described about it. I will just compare it to the weather which was so unpredictable. Uncertainly, misunderstanding was there. But fixed in a heart to heart to talk. It was indeed unforgettable (yeah that's the word).

We went to SM. We supposed to watch a movie and make history, our 1st movie ever, but there was a changed in plan. We had a dinner together in food court and had a tour in the department store. He bought me a gift of my choice, a pinkish white blouse and I bought slipper on my own. It was more than a flower and a chocolate I could say. After which, we went home where we exchanged each other love letters. So sweet!

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