Friday, February 13, 2009

Warmth before Valentines & Some Gift Ideas

Today its Friday the 13th, February, said to be a bad luck. But I wont be discussing about it for I don't believed it myself. I prefer to have no luck at all than have a bad luck :)

What I meant about Friday the 13th is the date which I give emphasis, 13th of February, and the day after today is the day every one has been waiting for. February 14, the Valentines Day.

Warmth before Valentines as I called it but it is improper for me to used the word warmth for obviously the weather is not warm at all. Its been raining since this morning hopefully the weather will be fine tomorrow. Anyway the sensation and moderate heat and passionate affection from lovers and a feeling of personal attachment is what made it some warmth.

Many among us were busy wondering for the best gifts to offer to our beloved ones. Here are some gift ideas for you to choose:

1. Love Letters - This is my top list for I myself appreciate love letters specially hand made letters. Even though you don't have guts to show your feelings personally, you can express it of course through writings in a form of letter.

2. Stuff Toy - Specially for girls. Us girls love hugs and some hug gable stuffs like stuff toys. And its very awkward for girls to give boys a stuff toy, right? So boys let this also be part of your gift list for your girlfriends this Valentines Day.

3. Pillows - Any heart shape pillows will do with matching "I Love You" in it. This is the 1st and the last thing we we early in the morning and in the evening. So I think pillows will work though.

4. Flowers - Flowers are lovely but it will never last, they die in a matter of time. Of course we don't want our love to be the same. So I suggest to give a Leaving Flowering Plants.

5. Chocolates and Cakes - If your love is as sweet as chocolates and cakes then its nice to give some to your love ones. You can eat it together in your date during Valentines.

You can make your own gifts with your own unique idea actually. Just be creative. Remember that price does not matter. Its always the thought that counts for as long as its from the bottom of your heart.

Valentines Day is just a day of celebration. So make the most of it.

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