Monday, February 23, 2009

Hung-hong sa Yuta

The film “Hung-hong sa Yuta” narrates the story of struggle and survival in attaining knowledge and peace among the citizens, Christians, Muslims or Lumads.

It depicts how hard the people suffer from violence and oppressed by people who are in power abandoning them from Government aids and other things that could benefit them for a living helping them to gain some basic education and to able to settle their disputed lands over influential people. It is somehow they are considered the less fortunate or more over than that, they are the people who had been left behind by the advancement of technology and learning’s.
But who could never thought there are still good Samaritans who even in their low standard of living still wanted to share what little knowledge or things he could contribute to help the poor and the innocent children from the harsh reality of nature which the world has offer. It also portrays the side between good from evil, showcasing two opposite forms of person who sometimes pretended to be the right one, but not all problems could be solved from violence, but it’s the thought that counts.

The Title signifies that even in our losing times of hope, there are still certain ways how nature would help us to fight back and regain what we have lost, for in the end, it is our fate who will unfolds our destiny, whether to grow or develop our own way of survival. The earth’s bountiful treasure had lead the people to rejoice once again by giving them a new chapter to continue their ways of living by improving the community for the future of their offspring’s to gain some learning’s that they could thought to the next generation they could have.

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