Tuesday, February 3, 2009

dependent Little Gurl

I found my self blogging again, and this time I will tackle something reminds of my past. My childhood days. I remember when I was still a shy little girl, not spoiled but I little though, who thought couldn't outlive without my parents.

One perfect example was during my elementary years, where I was very active in terms of curicular activities. I entered every girls scout campings but I didn't stay over night. I used to go home and be back early in the morning. Sounds funny, but its the reality. I am very dependent indeed.

Then I came to realized that it won't do me any good if I'll remain the same and I need to do something. So I started to challenged myself and faced the world bravely and somehow be self-reliant.

It was tested when I was a 5th grader, I went to Bais City in Negros where I stayed there for 3 days. At first it was really taught and I couldn't helped but cry. I was really longing for home and family. But as I came to get around the city, my loneliness vanished.

From then I realized that Its not wrong to rely on something or someone, for no man is an island, but if too much then that there's a problem. Learn to stand on your own and have self-confidence.

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