Thursday, February 26, 2009

45 things about me

1. I'm the eldest and the one who will help my family someday.

2. I'm an IT student of USC-TC, wishing to become genius programmer in the future.

3. I was a valedictorian graduate of Tabok II Elem. School. That made my parents so proud of me and I considered it as their achievement not mine.

4. I'm not gifted with a good voice and not very good at dancing which is sometimes the cause of myself discouragement.

5. I used to vomit when I was a child.

6. I don't barely wear rubber shoes.

7. I always wear socks in school.

8. My world revolves around Mr. Ronald Randy Bate.

9. I went to Bohol when I was a kid and I did not remember so much about it.

10. I went to Leyte more than 5 times.

11. The last time I went to Leyte was when I was a sophomore and its my 1st time every in history to ride a boat back home in Cebu all by myself. It was fun yet boring.

12. I went to Bais City Negros Occidental for a school competition.

13. The cellphone that was given by my mama was snatched just last year. So careless.... too bad!

14. My assets I guess were my eyes and my eye brows.

15. I'm a wanna be blogger and since I'm into blogging, it became my hobby.

16. I have two birthmarks on my body.

17. I never failed in any subjects all my life.

18. I was born 7 days before Christmas.

19. I took a bath on a spring in Tuburan, my boyfriends hometown. It was unforgettable and very memorable.

20. I drove a bike before, but I don't know if I still can drive now.

21. I have 33 moles on my body.(woohhh its too much) 1/4 are on my face and I hate it :]

22. I tried to rode on a patrol car when my phone was snatched.

23. I kept changing cellphones because of carelessness, if not broken, it was destroyed or snatched. And end up with no phone at all.

24. Love Letters are my collection which my boyfriend has given to me. These are my treasure.

25. I eat rice 3 times daily and I can't live without it.

26. I hate being compare to my cousin or to anybody. I believe I'm unique in my own way.

27. My favorite teacher way back elementary was Ms. Arias. I had one hour tutor session with her every after class in my house, that made me closed to her.

28. I loved Math more than English.

29. I don't feel wearing mini shorts and skirts probably because I hated my thighs ever.

30. I relaxed my hair more than 3 times and had it curled once.

31. I drink coffee every morning and that's a bad habit though I don't drink to much.

32. I want people to call me JES or Lyn or Jeslyn, not on my family name.

33. I'm thin but I considered myself as sexy.

34. I'm fun of painting my nails.

35. I spent huge amount of time on internet, chatting with friends and love ones.

36. I was a Journalist of the year 2003 when I was in fifth grade.

37. And became the Girl scout of the year 2004.

38. Gwapa daw ingon akong uyab, (boooolaahh)

39. I always bring mirror with me.

40. It took time for me to decide what to buy and sometimes I cannot buy at all.

41. I listen to any genre.

42. I use bag always wherever I go. I love bags!

43. I eat squash more than any other veges.

44. I bring rice with me in school always since High-school until now. That's my way of saving.

45. Photography is my hobby.

Beach Fotos

I love this picture, the balloon and the beach plus the coconut leaves and the sand. So great!

I used to walk without slippers along the sea shore and leave footprints in the sand. I just love it!

This was the over view of the cottages under those coconut trees and the karaoke to complete the resort.

This were just some of my photography. I took this during Ree Ann's debut. If you don't know, I'm a wanna be photographer. I think I've been taking pictures all my life even before I got my camera.


Rehas was a Tagalog word which means jail. It showed captives lives in three different scenes by the USC theaters guild. That being kept in custody is like deprived of liberty and struggling for freedom and the truth.

It portraits the vital rule of most Filipino was facing nowadays. That poverty was the main issue and people especially poor people who were victims. It showed harsh reality of inequality between rich and poor and on how they dealt about it. Not all prisoners were guilty and that just showed how injustices work especial to those less fortunate. And for those who were convicted as guilty, remember that behind the dark clouds is the sun still shinning. Just trust and believed and strengthen your faith to God.

It was about finding once self and finding God in our lives. It's a matter of choice which path you would want to be in the future and to be aware of your actions and decisions for it might be the reason of a miserable life you would regret in the end. Everything has its limitation and we should be responsible for our action and used our freedom for good and in good only.

The message of the play was that we all were prisoners in our own personality and to others. Our actions must be in accordance to our well and to God to see the world in certain way, to make certain moves and certain choices.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ree Ann's Debut

February 24 was Ate Ree Ann's big day. Her 18th birthday and was held at Sea Front Lilo-an. I seldom used to call her ate Ann for I though we just age level though shes 10 month older, for me it does not count. But the rest of the Spicy girls (char!) Gay, Joy and Marian call her Ate.
The guy beside her, Ching-Ching, was the reason, one of the reason behind the sparks in her eyes and made her day complete.
This was our present for her. It did not cost that much but in came from the heart and that only made it special. And I'm proud to say that I made the letter and I was very touch when she read it with tears of joy.
Ree-Ann blowing her candle (hmmm its just a lighter) ekekekek. Nobody bought a candle so we made used of our initiatives. It worked!

Though I came late for some reasons, I could say that everyone enjoyed as much as the debutante did. From those photos taken using my camera, I saw smiles and excitement and fun among those who came and joined the celebration with our dear ate Ree Ann. Indeed they're having some great time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hung-hong sa Yuta

The film “Hung-hong sa Yuta” narrates the story of struggle and survival in attaining knowledge and peace among the citizens, Christians, Muslims or Lumads.

It depicts how hard the people suffer from violence and oppressed by people who are in power abandoning them from Government aids and other things that could benefit them for a living helping them to gain some basic education and to able to settle their disputed lands over influential people. It is somehow they are considered the less fortunate or more over than that, they are the people who had been left behind by the advancement of technology and learning’s.
But who could never thought there are still good Samaritans who even in their low standard of living still wanted to share what little knowledge or things he could contribute to help the poor and the innocent children from the harsh reality of nature which the world has offer. It also portrays the side between good from evil, showcasing two opposite forms of person who sometimes pretended to be the right one, but not all problems could be solved from violence, but it’s the thought that counts.

The Title signifies that even in our losing times of hope, there are still certain ways how nature would help us to fight back and regain what we have lost, for in the end, it is our fate who will unfolds our destiny, whether to grow or develop our own way of survival. The earth’s bountiful treasure had lead the people to rejoice once again by giving them a new chapter to continue their ways of living by improving the community for the future of their offspring’s to gain some learning’s that they could thought to the next generation they could have.

Tuesdays with Morrie

The play has touched myself which it portrays reality, it is a scene were it moves and captives other feelings between keeping one's own world and life between death. It portrays the vital role of living life to the fullest which could make you more mature to realize and not to regret everything in the end just like one of the lines I had been hooked on "So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning."

Tuesdays with Morrie talks about life, culture, family, forgiveness, trust, ambition, love, relationship and death. It was performed by only two men who were very fantastic dragging each audience into a new view of perspective like making ourselves to envision how hard being forgotten sometimes, and to think that the play caught most of our attention how reality was. When the death bed scene came, everyone could relate to what Morrie had been saying, and thus, the entire audience was in tears by the end, including myself. The story truly moved me. It is not how we live our lives through the years but how our years live through our lives. To cherish each memory that resembles a student and his teacher, a bound that unites and connect them til the end, in which "Death ends a life, not a relationship."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Play!

I just came from watching to consecutive plays at SM cinema 2 for the Tuesdays with Morrie and cinema 1 for Rehas. Where I only had a half hour break for my dinner and got to be in the theater for the next play all alone.

I had a good time watching the 1st play and really loved the story and Morrie as well. It captures my heart and everybody's attention. The movie cost a lot but I don't think its a waste of money, though. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to watch a one of a kind play such a wonderful story and amazingly so inspiring.

But the second, I could say, was not what I thought and expecting it to be. I should have not compare it with the 1st which was a very professional one and like everything was so perfect... the lines, the set, the cast and the way they deliver each quotes was so fantastic. After watching those plays, I could not help but compare which is which is the best and no doubt it was Tuesdays with Morrie.

Rehas was a Tagalog play composed of 3 scenes both showed life as a prisoner and how harsh reality was and inequality to man kind between rich and poor and how they dealt about it. It was a common stories I had seen on TV or read in books and novels. I hadn't enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Tuesdays with Morrie.

Both play is a must, for after we have to make our reaction paper in for different subjects and be graded accordingly. Indeed, it was very tiring but it was all worth it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

On A Wash Day

Wednesday, 18th of February, was a wash day of course for sure and since I don't have a class in my English subject, together with my friends we went to the CHAPEL and took random pictures.

For more of our pictures, visit my facebook account....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too Young to Forget

Supposed, its my first time ever in history not to be late, but unfortunately as usual late again. I came to school this morning earlier than expected. I arrived before 7:30 in which my 1st class will start.

As I checked on my ID upon entering the gate, I found nothing. Because of having different bags almost every day and because of being careless, my school ID was missing. It was in my other bag, the bag I used the day before.

Actually I tried it once last semester. What I did was I went to the center gate and sign the logbook of violation in my name for not bringing my ID. So I did the same now. But the guard insisted that I should get my ID back home or else I cannot enter in the campus and that didn't make sense at all. He said that there was a new policy just implemented recently after having new sets of guard in different campuses.

I was thinking then if I will go home or not. If I went home, I will miss one subject and the following subject will be affected either, its the middle of the rush hour. I could not think of any idea except for calling home and ask my father to drive it for me in school. Thanks to my dearest father, my savior, for being such a wonderful and understanding father and for the effort of dropping by my ID. "I love you PA!".

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bored with CWTS

I don't know what made me think of getting bored with CWTS will in fact we will just seat back, relax and feel the air con in the room and do nothing but to listen to the teacher and comprehend all his been lecturing. Perhaps the schedule was the reason behind all this boredom.

It's an one and a half class from 3:00-4:30, but my previous class was 3 hours before. Which means I need have to wait for 3 hours for just this subject. And for me its quit tiring and somehow boring. I supposed to have it rescheduled during the adjustment week but there was no more schedule available except for Saturdays, and I don't even thought about going to school every Saturdays either. For some reasons, I don't want it to be an additional expenses to my mother for my baon. In which case, I had had no choice but to attend my CWTS class the way it was.

The 1st semester went good,I thought. I attended the class and some outdoor activities, though not so often for there were times that I was tempted to go home and be with my computer and even take a nap, my midterm grade was not that satisfying. Its beyond what I thought it would be. It was very shocking to have a grade of 2.6, as I ask my classmates in which they had a 1.3, 1.2, 1.1 and all line of ones.

I was planning to confront to my teacher about this, but I have no courage. I was afraid of my faults for being too lazy enough as a student. I could not blame him for such because I believed it was all my failure. Since after the Sinulog break, 2 meetings we had not met, I didn't attend my class until now. As I counted it, to sum up my absences, I missed 7 meetings all in all. Very much relax, that was others thought of me for taking this subject for granted.

Anyway, I will be coming to attend my class from now on starting next meeting. I need not have any absences any longer. Trying to change this bad habit of mine and think of the subject interesting (even its not) and boring no more.

Of course I don't want to failed the expectations of my parents. Nobody wants to failed anyway, not even me. I don't want to fall to anything that I might be regretting someday, sometime. I don't want to give up just like that with out even doing my best.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day 09

iFinally the day had come. But the weather was no good. Morning was a little bit fine, no rain but no sun at all. It started to raining in the afternoon and been raining all day long. It was more than a blessing if it was.

Despite of the unpredictable weather, I had notice people traveled all over and of course, Lovers were everywhere. Some wore something red and brought their offerings to their loved ones. Others acted nothing like it was just an ordinary day, but not me. I had been looking for that day to come.

If you will ask me how my Valentines Day was, then I don't have a word to described about it. I will just compare it to the weather which was so unpredictable. Uncertainly, misunderstanding was there. But fixed in a heart to heart to talk. It was indeed unforgettable (yeah that's the word).

We went to SM. We supposed to watch a movie and make history, our 1st movie ever, but there was a changed in plan. We had a dinner together in food court and had a tour in the department store. He bought me a gift of my choice, a pinkish white blouse and I bought slipper on my own. It was more than a flower and a chocolate I could say. After which, we went home where we exchanged each other love letters. So sweet!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Warmth before Valentines & Some Gift Ideas

Today its Friday the 13th, February, said to be a bad luck. But I wont be discussing about it for I don't believed it myself. I prefer to have no luck at all than have a bad luck :)

What I meant about Friday the 13th is the date which I give emphasis, 13th of February, and the day after today is the day every one has been waiting for. February 14, the Valentines Day.

Warmth before Valentines as I called it but it is improper for me to used the word warmth for obviously the weather is not warm at all. Its been raining since this morning hopefully the weather will be fine tomorrow. Anyway the sensation and moderate heat and passionate affection from lovers and a feeling of personal attachment is what made it some warmth.

Many among us were busy wondering for the best gifts to offer to our beloved ones. Here are some gift ideas for you to choose:

1. Love Letters - This is my top list for I myself appreciate love letters specially hand made letters. Even though you don't have guts to show your feelings personally, you can express it of course through writings in a form of letter.

2. Stuff Toy - Specially for girls. Us girls love hugs and some hug gable stuffs like stuff toys. And its very awkward for girls to give boys a stuff toy, right? So boys let this also be part of your gift list for your girlfriends this Valentines Day.

3. Pillows - Any heart shape pillows will do with matching "I Love You" in it. This is the 1st and the last thing we we early in the morning and in the evening. So I think pillows will work though.

4. Flowers - Flowers are lovely but it will never last, they die in a matter of time. Of course we don't want our love to be the same. So I suggest to give a Leaving Flowering Plants.

5. Chocolates and Cakes - If your love is as sweet as chocolates and cakes then its nice to give some to your love ones. You can eat it together in your date during Valentines.

You can make your own gifts with your own unique idea actually. Just be creative. Remember that price does not matter. Its always the thought that counts for as long as its from the bottom of your heart.

Valentines Day is just a day of celebration. So make the most of it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

POstponed Again!

Things were settled and scheduled already yet you'll just found out later that it's postponed... I hate it!

Once again my major subject teacher postponed our exam last Wednesday and will be held tomorrow. That was exactly the reason why I was sent out for not bringing my permit during midterm. I had a post about it in my previous blog.

Some students, my classmates, were happy for the postponed exam, but not me. If their thinking about relaxation, then its not a good time to relax. I was thinking about pressure and stress for I was completely having difficulty and confused with all those programs which I don't barely understand yet computers do.

I was already prepared for the said exam and yet postponed probably for a very valid reason which is also my concern. And tomorrow is the day, we will have a long quiz. If I was ready and very eager to have the quiz last meeting then there's no reason for me not to make it tomorrow.

What I'm trying to say is that why set a date for something and eventually postponed for a reason?

Monday, February 9, 2009

What happened?

Lately I had lost myself in thought and found blogging less interesting. Its been a rugged life I guess. Many had happened, not in my expectations.

My grandfather was hospitalized for 3 days because of his chickenpox that leads to a high fever and complications on his throat since his into smoking plus the allergy on his stomach cause by the undissolved thread during his operation long long ago.

For at the age of 74, I could say that he is a fighter, a survivor. But no worries, his been released just this afternoon though his not so well but he could already manage himself.

And of course heart problems. In my previous post, you can get ideas if your clueless. I don't want to mention about it for everything's pretty OK now.

But anyway, lets not be affected with so much problems and complications around us. God is always good. So lets face the real world and don't lost hope.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Midnight Breeze by Ronald Randy M. Bate

This is just one of the various paintings by my beloved boyfriend which was included during their Sulagma exhibit in Art Center at SM.

My favorite, I should say. The solemnity and peacefulness of this painting was amazing.I was really starstruck by this painting. Its fabulous. Excellent job GAH!

I was asking for it but its quit big. So he told me he will just make a small version of this for me. But until now, I don't know where is it. Maybe I should make a follow up on this :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Sad Part

I'm not supposed to post this one but I think I have to.

Actually I don't expect you to understand me for no apparent reason I'll break down and cry and please don't ask me not to, for you don't know what I feel or how much it hurts.

You asked SORRY and I accept it just like what you did. I tried to forget about it and be strong but deep down I'm languishing and I don't want to go along. So please don't act like nothing happened.

If I'll ask you to forget everyone and forget about her and lets start over, what would you say? Well its not up to me anymore, if you want me you will find a way not to lost me.

I ponder asking myself if this is what they called KARMA? If this was it, I should have deserved worst.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Past

I'm a music lover if you don't know but I don't sing. I usually listen to music with meaningful lyrics in times when i felt like giving up, rejected, discourage, hopeless and broken.

While listening to my play list, there's this song that caught my attention and captured my heart. Are you familiar with the song "The Past" by Jed Madela?

I made an effort to copy paste the lyrics of the song so you'll definitely understand what I was taking about. The song itself is self explanatory. I don't wanna go into detail line by line.

I was wrong when i hurt you/ But did you have to hurt me too/ Did you think revenge will make it better?/ I don't care about the past/ I just want our love to last/ There's a way to bring us back together (Chorus:) I must forgive you/ You must forgive me too/ If we wanna try to put things back/ The way they used to be 'cause there's no sense in going over and over/ The same things as before/So let's not bring the past up anymore/ Out of all the good we had/ You only keep track of the bad/ Though you knew i never really loved her/ Didn't anyone tell you yet/ That to forgive is to forget/ How can you be mad if you don't remember (Repeat Chorus)

Basically, from the song you'll have an idea of what I went through right now. Let the song speak it up. That's it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

dependent Little Gurl

I found my self blogging again, and this time I will tackle something reminds of my past. My childhood days. I remember when I was still a shy little girl, not spoiled but I little though, who thought couldn't outlive without my parents.

One perfect example was during my elementary years, where I was very active in terms of curicular activities. I entered every girls scout campings but I didn't stay over night. I used to go home and be back early in the morning. Sounds funny, but its the reality. I am very dependent indeed.

Then I came to realized that it won't do me any good if I'll remain the same and I need to do something. So I started to challenged myself and faced the world bravely and somehow be self-reliant.

It was tested when I was a 5th grader, I went to Bais City in Negros where I stayed there for 3 days. At first it was really taught and I couldn't helped but cry. I was really longing for home and family. But as I came to get around the city, my loneliness vanished.

From then I realized that Its not wrong to rely on something or someone, for no man is an island, but if too much then that there's a problem. Learn to stand on your own and have self-confidence.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Too Late as Always

Have you been on a rush, in a hurry or running to catch up for the class? That's exactly my situation every morning. Can you imagine how it would be like? Indeed, its dragging me crazy.

Since previous semester, I'm always the late comer in my REED10 (TTH 7:30-9:00) class. Good thing, the teacher wasn't that strict for as long as you can present a bible. But sad to say, my final grade was only 2.8, I guess. No wonder why, obviously its all because of my tardiness. So from then, I prefer not to have a 7:30 class anymore.

But playing by fate, because of the university's ISIS program that to be transfer to ARES, the enrollment process for the second semester really sucks and a head ache to everybody; here I am going to school every 7:30 not just TTH but as well as MWF.

As always, I'm late again and worst is that mostly I arrived last-minute. Its hard for me to be on time but I always tried.

Anyway, its not their lost at all, its mine.
My point is if others can make it, why can't I?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love Month

February is a month-long celebration of love. This is the time for everyone to express their love and affection to one another by sending love letters and love notes, presenting flowers, giving chocolates, romantic dates, and hugs and kisses.

Above are some examples of my love letter collection which my boyfriend has given to me. Its all fantastic, very artistic, unique and pretty awesome. This is what I consider treasure.

So this February, though, let’s explore love in different ways.