Sunday, August 28, 2011


As what I have noticed.... Fire was so dominant and strong than ice that night. I didn't make a mistake when I decided to wear a red cocktail dress on the party. And right now I love red and everything about it.

My Fire Attire

With my friends...

...more with my girl friends!

With some boy friends...

The girl in red cocktail dress on the first pic and the one in red and white stripes was the same person and that was me..Yes, meee. I have to change on my way home because I have to go to a fiesta at my boyfriend's house. I can't afford to wear the same thing because they might think I'm over dress for the occasion and so I changed.

On my way home... I was holding my pictures I bought from the photographer and sad to say, with so much carelessness on me that night, I left the photos somewhere on the bench when I changed my shoes. Who ever saw it please if you know me on the picture kindly return it. Thank you.

At the fiesta.....

With my boyfriend's sisters and their girlfriends.

I am so in love with this guy... haha

It was such a very long Saturday night and everything went so well than I expected. Thank you thank you to my friends and my boyfriend for making it all possible.

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