Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am wearing a jacket as skirt which I learned from everybody is article.

We had an impromptu eating and mall hopping for awhile then watching movie with my college friends namely Ree Ann (though we see each other every MWF) and Marian (long time no see this girl ha).

Honestly I was wearing a denim shorts and slippers since we're just hanging around near my house and I decided to have with me this lovely and awesome jacket which I usually bring in school or anywhere I go. It is a kind of jacket you can wear during rainy days when you feel cold and sunny days without feeling hot.

Actually, I feel a little bit cold at the mall so I used the idea from chictopia article which really helped, a top as a skirt and its pretty cool.

The red striped sleeveless is my most treasured top in my closet at this particular moment, well it happened to change as often as I change my underwear though. haha

And by the way the red shoes still has the price tag and it was weird taking this photo while making sure no one from the department store saw us. We were good at it anyway, going to the store and took pictures without letting the sales knew about it. I know its a bad habit but leave it, we can't afford all of them so all we can have are just pictures. I can't believe I'm telling you this, but... Please don't tell anyone! :)

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