Friday, August 26, 2011


As I woke up early this morning, I was emotional about the question that keeps on running and pondering on my mind all night long after reading the book from Nicholas Sparks, "The Choice". The question goes like this: How far should you go in the name of true love? It was easy for me to answer that I will go no matter what it takes but the truth is it's your choice how you handle it, I think that was what the title itself all about... the choice. Funny how I am being so emotional about this book but Sparks really did an excellent job on making his reader left with teary eyes after reading his books. He is now one of my favorite storyteller ever. :)

So much for that... I am suppose to get ready of my stuffs for this long night tonight. I have to paint my nails red, blonde my hair, get my stuffs ready and so on... but I feel so like I don't wanna do anything. I think I could do everything later regarding the fact that I also have to meet my best girls after lunch which is I think I only have so little time but I don't care I know I can handle it anyway.

Ohh I think I am talking so far away from the title... what I really wanted you all to know is what had happened last Tuesday. We went swimming with my girlfriends and met some other girls and their girlfriends as well. I have to admit that my social life was kinda a little poor, well if you know me, I was a kind of a private person you know but last Tuesday it amazed me how I got to know others and it was a nice feeling haha that's all.

Here are some of our pics at the beach using my BlackBerry phone... more to come when our official photographer (our new friend) will upload all the photos from her camera. That was all the camera we had so we will all be looking forward to that wondering how long will it takes her to upload it? I do not know... I will wait though.

Today's weather forecast was amazingly great, not so hot but not even cloudy, the wind blows so hard and it was like a breath of fresh air. haha With the weather like this, all I wanted to do is to be on the beach... I know I can't. But I am praying and hoping that it wont rain or else it will ruin everything.

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