Thursday, August 18, 2011


What is more adorable than having a puppy for the first time in our family history? Yes, you read it right, its our first every doggy in the house and everything will be history. Well, its all because and thanks to my dearest boyfriend for giving me this wonderful gift I can't resist. haha

Her name ever since was Brandy. I didn't know exactly the reason but I just made my own assumptions why its called Brandy, that it is named after my boyfriend's second real name which is Randy and just added B. Sounds like a drink's name huh but I don't care.

Pictures of me and Brandy:

The first two weeks of Brandy's stay was a total roller coaster or shall I say disaster not just to me but to everyone in the family most especially to my grandmother who stays in the house most of the time. She poo here, poo there and pee here, pee there... It was like there was no day in a week I cannot smell Brandy's poo and go after with rags for her pee. Gosh can you image how disgusting it was? But right now we came to learn how to handle Brandy and we love her unconditionally and she was like the youngest in the family...


  1. Aww Brandy is so adorable! I'm sure she's a great puppy even if she does pee everywhere :P.

  2. Brandy is seriously such a little sweetheart! I cannot wait until I grow up and can have a little puppy dog of my own ❤

  3. awww she's absolutely beautiful! i'm waiting for my puppdog :P getting one in a few weeks :) thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! visit again soon xxx


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