Monday, March 9, 2009

Summer is Coming

I can sense summer is fast approaching. The week after this week is ganna be an exciting at the same time a pressure one. It is our finals week which after relaxation follows and get rid of all those lectures and stuffs and all we have to do is to have fun. And I can't wait for that to have lots and lots of adventures.

So far, 2nd semester seems so good and no worries about my academic standing for I'm pretty sure that I don't fail any subjects except for my CWTS which sounded so chicken but yes I have a sort of problem not academically but in my attendance. I think I need not worry about it for now for finals is still coming.

Lately I'm into a dilemma, either to study in advance this summer or just to stay at home instead. Of course I don't want it to be wasted. I was planning to look for a summer job at least to earn and at the same time have a experience that I haven't done in the past. But my auntie who was responsible for sending me into college had been offering me the idea of having a summer classes. Will it sounds boring and nothing interesting. Study as always, and I am tired and sick of schooling. I wanted to have a break of everything during summer.

There is no way I will be studying long enough for as long as I did not failed in any subjects, I would not be having a summer classes. But I will be trying finding a best summer job that suits me because I was eager to have income at least even just this summer. I want to explore more this summer from beaches to different places and everywhere to have fun in everything. I want this summer to won the best summer of my life.

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