Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Look for Summertime

This is me BEFORE......

This is me NOW!

I'm very proud to let you all know that finally since summer is all around and as expected the weather seems so hot that made me think of having something new about myself, to have a new look means new haircut and new style which also fits to my personality and that is what I owe to myGAH. He made this possible because of his hidden talent in hair cutting and hopefully soon to be a professional barber.

Actually, I just wanted it to be shorten a bit somewhere just a shoulder level hair and a layer layer stuff. But since cutting is not his profession at all, though he has the skills, he made me as an trail and error again. But not bad, I absolutely like the outcome myself.

The nice thing about it is because I feel so comfortable about my new look and feeling so relax for summer even the weather seems so hot but I'm still at ease. And I think my hair style is unique.

Most people around me love my new look as I love it but some critics have some bad opinion about my hair but I don't really mind them at all for I believe that I can carry myself and my hair and that what matters most.

Just like what my barber (myGAH) had told me, "You look Fabulous." that gave me so much confidence all through out.


  1. Of Course ako pa...
    Tha best jud ang nag tupi ani....
    tenx mygah sobra:)


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