Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Todays Carolinian

The todayscarolinian.tk - our commitment, your paper is the official student publication of the University of San Carlos. Actually there is no budget for this.

I am part of this history for our class in Sociology has started this by the help of our classmate that has a huge knowledge on programming more than us, freshmen. Our teacher promotes this site to all, not just for Carolinian but also to outsiders by posting all your comments, thoughts, issues, reactions, etc.

Honestly, I'm not fun of forums like this. If not only of the grades, I wont be active in participating this site but I have no choice. Our sir will give no project and no finals if and only we can be able to have 75 up sensible posts in this site. I'm now at my 54 posts and I'm almost there. Woahhhh sayona ra sa grado ani woi... no sweat! no nosebleed!

This site had given me the opportunity of awareness not just in school but as well as around Cebu and worldwide. I was able to express the said objectives of this site, not that I am doing this of the sake of having grade, though yes I wanted to have big grades, but I was doing this for myself. That as a student and being part of this institution, my voice is badly needed be heard.

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