Friday, January 30, 2009


Waiting is the hardest part, would you agree?
But how about if the one you are waiting have no idea and didn't bother to remember you at all.
It hurts, isn't it?

That was actually what had happened to me yesterday. I was waiting for a text message from my boyfriend. Many thoughts and questions went through my head. What was he doing? Why he didn't text me at all? Did he received my texts and calls? Why he didn't bother to reply? If his OK or not?

I was very worried and at the same time confused. Plus the weather which was so hot and the pressure in my IT class. My class has ended yet I don't still got a sign from him. So I decided to go to Mariann's apartment with my other friends.

I believed everything has reasons. And that's what I was looking for, the reason behind everything.

Finally when we reached the apartment I got a text. I was excited and very happy to see his number appeared on my cellphone.

After hearing his side,I was vindicated for the questions that were playing on my mind finally got an answer and the reason everything behind was revealed. Knowing that his also thinking of me despite of his busyness in work and that he didn't notice his cellphone calls and text. And thank God his OK. So no hard feelings at all.

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