Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surprised Midterm

This morning I was surprised knowing today will be the schedule of our midterm exam in REED 20. Actually it was announced last meeting but I was just to lazy to listen to the teacher. I don't know what I was thinking then.

Supposed to be last week was our midterms week unfortunately our teacher's sister died and her presence was badly needed. Speaking of her sister,together with her father who died also just two months ago, lets all pray for their souls that they may rest in peace with God. Because of her sudden death our teacher took a leave for two weeks. And two weeks was over. Our class resumed last Tuesday. As far as I can remember, we checked our activities which she had given to us and discussed things all about New Testament and the gospel formation. I couldn't recall mentioning about the midterm exam. Anyways even I don't have knowledge about the said exam I still managed to answer the test without having nosebleed.

Its a lesson I've learned today that listening is very important and we should always study with or without exam.

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