Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Coin Bank

Are you familiar with this picture?
Well, for those who have large amount of knowledge in computers and printers probably know this one.

This doesn't look like a pig anyway, but it is my piggy bank or shall I call it "coin bank". A recycled ink container which was given to me by my boyfriend. This is where I put my extra coins for various causes.

It is a good habit to have since saving money is very important today. Its not ideal to spend a lot and waste money for nothing. News papers, TV's and internet are all talking about the Global Financial Crisis because of low dollar rate that leads some huge companies to closed and demoted thousands of workers. So its wiser to have savings.

Its always good to have a cash on your own to buy something you really need or want.
Start a good habit while your still young and get a piggy bank right now.


  1. Dghan na kaau na ug sulod Gah??


  2. Daghan daghan napod. Dako lang kaau gah. Dugay kaayo ma puno!


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