Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh! My English

Actually this is my first time in blogging. Honestly I'm no good in essay writing probably because I don't love my English subject that much, somehow because of the teacher or the subject itself. Not to mention that I'm badly having difficulty in my spelling. I remember way back when I was high school where I got low scores because of simple words misspelled. What a shame!

I don't really know why things went so different during my high school life will in fact it went so good than I thought it would be during my elementary years. I was a feature writer in Filipino since 3rd grade and won some contest which made me popular in school and went different places. Yes Filipino not English which means from then I don't really love English that much( So no wonder why). But then when I study in St. Louis School I started to love English for we were obliged to speak in English all the time inside the campus. We have the so called "English Drive". But most of the time I will sabotage and again one of the reasons why I have low grades in English. Every vernacular word was a demerit. Petty those who were always caught. But its just a matter of hiding or not speaking at all. Finally when I went out of the portals of St. Louis and faced a new environment in San Carlos I just realize the importance of English in our lives. I can just recall my professor once said, "Always bring your English Drive with you" which is so true.

Awhile ago I felt bored and was thinking what to do with my life. Many thoughts in my mind which I think I need to express and that's the reason why I'm into blogging now. Anyways in blogging spelling is optional. Hopefully I could write good compositions and I'm open for corrections if needed to be corrected in my blog.

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