Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Failed to Pass

I always go to school intact with enough money and food by my parents, in return of course is to study hard. That's the least I could do to pay back the hardships they went through just to send me into a university.

How do you think they will feel one day you went home reaping a vast grade of failures?

I don't really know for I never failed in any subjects all my life so far. Of course I think they well be badly hurt and get mad at me. No parents would celebrate knowing their child was having poor grades in school. Right?

But lately my grades were failing. I just received my paper works in school including my Midterm results. It didn't work well than what I was expecting. Actually I'm very confident even I don't have big grades but at least I will pass every subject I took. But I was absolutely wrong. Even if I don't know yet my Midterm grade I could feel it that I was failing in Calculus which is a 5 units course. I failed all 4 major exams and I don't know how it all happened. Maybe because of the teacher's way of teaching which I don't sometimes understand or the course it self which is confusing. I don't really have idea. Maybe both.

I believe that its not yet too late for everything. All I need is to double my effort and study harder. Hopefully I could cover up for finals.


  1. Nice Grades ha :)

    Keep it up, practice jud ug kanta pra kama-o mo sayaw Gah :)


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