Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's a Fresh Start!

Hello people!

I'm glad that I am back again. You have no idea how I miss blogging. I have so much to share and blog about. Hmm btw, I just want to inform you all that I'm no longer on facebook. So probably expect more photo sharing here in this blog. That is why I'm back... TO SHARE SOME OF MY MOMENTS IN LIFE! 

It was a hard time for me lately. But now it's time to focus on something... This is a new beginning for me.

Enough with emotional talks before I'll get carried away again. Just let me share to you my neon sexy top. These was taken during our free time, I can't remember when exactly it happened, with my friends and of course the make up artist (the one on white dress). 

That's it for now guys I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Godbless you all!

~ Jeslyn ~

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