Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This was the night before John and Jein's Wedding day. I don't know exactly what to wear so I tried my grandmother's skirt to be a tube dress but I don't know what went wrong though my mom said it was okay and that it fits in me. I guess I am not really a colorful person after all. If I don't feel like wearing it, I don't wear it or else I rather go home than not being comfortable about my dress. haha So I decided to wear simple but cute. A monochromatic dress which I will be posting maybe in my next entry.

It was funny because while my mom took these shoots, my little sister on the other hand tried to get all the attention. She was doing all these wacky faces and I didn't know a thing until I uploaded these photos. Funny, right? haha Thanks little sister for being so silly.

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