Monday, April 13, 2009

Chaos Under the Bridge

Hi there, this is what had happen this Easter Sunday @ Pahara.

Easter Sunday was a very hot day and beach is elsewhere people want to go to. Yes, this is perfect day to have swimming and bonding with the family, friends and of course love one.

We had our Easter in our favorite dating place with my beloved GAH at Pahara. I could not imagine such a romantic place turned into a very crowded one. Well no wonder, the day was totally a big day in which you need not to have a lot of money for as long as you will bring foods, drinks and a blanket with you and have a picnic to enjoy the day.

Here's the video to prove to you the crowd of such a place like this where unexpectedly caught a scene that really made people to chaos. I want you listen carefully and find out the cause of the panic. Staring here is my very own GAH. Enjoy watching! eheheh

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Away @ Q Park

Good Friday is a time to reflect and we thought about going somewhere that is worth reflecting at the same time that is mixed with so much fun and adventure and of course not to forget the real meaning of the celebration itself- to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and his death.

And the group, with the KERO (Jodel, Toning, Stephen and Ronald mygah), decided to celebrate the Good Friday at Q Park in Compostela and bring their partners for life. And of course being a die hard partner of Ronald Randy Bate, I would not mess this opportunity to be with him in this day that marks the anniversary of Christ's death came to be called the Good Friday.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to come for some reasons. Though the group was not complete, we must go along the plan. The place really was a total adventure, not what I thought it would be. Everything was perfect and complete despite the hotness of the weather and the high mountains that we climbed.

I really had a wonderful experience that I will treasure my life forever. Special thanks to Kresty's aunt for the overwhelming welcome in their house and for the lunch and our snaks. To Toning and Kresty for the fair, we could not go home without you guys. To myGAH for this unforgetable adventure. And lastly, to God for making this all possible.

Friday, April 3, 2009

10 + 3 plus 8R

My brother's graduation picture.

Have you seen promo- "10 + 3 pictures plus 8R every 50 prints" at mall or somewhere else? Yes, sounds pretty affordable especially for those like me who is a picture freak, its time to have those pictures a hard copy and put in an album randomly.

We just avail the promo last night with mygah at SM. The problem here was that we were told to claim it at 8:30 but sadly, it wasn't done yet because bunches pictures are still ahead that cause more than hour delay and made us loose our temper and patience. Plus their stuff wasn't good enough on editing which made us wonder why these people can't enhance pixilated photos specially since we printed 65 pictures all in all, we availed the promo and had a 8R picture and I choose my brothers graduation picture (which I posted above) but sad to say it turn out not good at all.

But the rest were okay and actually we were planning to go back there soon and order lots of prints of pictures and have 8R again but rest assured that we all have those pictures edited well here in the house before it to be printed out. We were trying playing safe now because we wanted every print to be as good as we can.

I'm not actually promoting any here. This was just my experience that I just wanted to share and write because lately I was out of truck in blogging even though time for me isn't that busy and hectek and all. I just thought about writing once again some what others called nonesense but has a sense for me.