Monday, April 13, 2009

Chaos Under the Bridge

Hi there, this is what had happen this Easter Sunday @ Pahara.

Easter Sunday was a very hot day and beach is elsewhere people want to go to. Yes, this is perfect day to have swimming and bonding with the family, friends and of course love one.

We had our Easter in our favorite dating place with my beloved GAH at Pahara. I could not imagine such a romantic place turned into a very crowded one. Well no wonder, the day was totally a big day in which you need not to have a lot of money for as long as you will bring foods, drinks and a blanket with you and have a picnic to enjoy the day.

Here's the video to prove to you the crowd of such a place like this where unexpectedly caught a scene that really made people to chaos. I want you listen carefully and find out the cause of the panic. Staring here is my very own GAH. Enjoy watching! eheheh


Please let me know what you think.. It will mean so much to me.

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