Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm so Back

Wow it's been a year now since my last post in this blog. Well I actually have 3 blogs, this is my very first blog and I got two more Wordpress blogs and one is using my very own domain which I turned into a t-shirt design blog. If you wish, check this out:

So it doesn't mean I stopped from blogging, it's just that I stop from writing my thoughts down and I should not stopped after all.

Okay the reason why I am here and writing another post is because I was inspired by some chictopian girls out there who had this passion for fashion, style and photography and I just love it. I decided to continue this whatever-I-think-I-share attitude and I don't care what you'll say. haha

As you can see I made some layout changes that includes my header, the side bars, and I will be adding pages later and Adsense account which I should have done the moment I created this blog.

Anyways it's nice to be back.

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